Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Q: How is Jinlinfengyun's capacity?
A: We could make 30 sets of molds every month, it only refers to mold instead of machining parts.

Q: What’s the mold size Jinlinfengyun could produce?
A: We make molds from small to some big size, we can adjust our capability flexibly.

Q: What's Jinlinfengyun's tolerance?
A: Mold tolerance 0.005 mm, product tolerance 0.02 mm, for some parts, the tolerance will be higher.

Q: Have Jinlinfengyun ever made over mold? What kind of materials do you use?
A: We have good experience in over mold of ABS+PC, PA+TPE, ABS+TPE, and so on.

Q: What kind of steel does Jinlinfengyun usually utilize?
A: We use steel of P20, P20H, 718H, NAK80, 1.2311, H13, 1.2344, 420SS, S136, S-7, and 1.2767. They are brand materials with good quality and original material certificates, most of the time, we choose famous suppliers, such as LKM, ASSAB, THYSSEN, and DAIDO. 

Q: How does Jinlinfengyun work on RFQs?
A: We need part 2D & 3D file or specific sample with detailed requirements such as the materials, customer prefer on part or mold, expected mold service life, cavity quantity, etc. The exact quotation will be available within 1.5 working days once we get enough information.

Q: What is the lead time for mold production?
A: 3 days for small and mid-size molds, 2-5 weeks for larger toolings over 1.1 meters. Exactly speaking, it's decided by the mold size and the structure complication.